Police officer among 10 killed in Colorado supermarket shooting

Police officer among 10 killed in Colorado supermarket shooting
A Boulder police officer was among 10 people killed in a supermarket shooting in Colorado.
The alleged gunman, who was injured during the shooting, is now in custody. The suspect is being treated at hospital.
Officers had escorted a shirtless man with blood running down his leg out of the store in handcuffs but authorities would not say if he was the suspect.
Aerial video from the scene showed a massive police response and at least six ambulances. (CNN)
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Boulder Police confirmed the slain officer was Eric Talley, who was one of the first on the scene.
Police said they will not release names of other victims until families have been notified.
"We will work around the clock to get this accomplished," Boulder's police chief said.
Police still do not have a motive for the shooting at the King Soopers store in Boulder, which is about 40 kilometres northwest of Denver and home to the University of Colorado.
Video taken by an eyewitness to the King Soopers supermarket shooting appears to show people lying on the ground inside and outside the store, and purported gunshots are heard.
The video, taken by Dean Schiller, is part of a longer live stream that he took as the shooting progressed and police arrived.
In the excerpt, Mr Schiller is heard calling out saying that people need to call 911.
"We don't know if there's a shooter — active shooter, active shooter somewhere," Mr Schiller said in the video.
Mr Schiller is heard on the video asking what appears to be a store employee whether a shooter went into the store.
Ryan Borowski, one of the people inside the King Soopers grocery store when a shooter starting firing shots, said everyone helped each other get out of the back of the store.
He said he heard two loud sounds, and by the third one, he and the people around him realised they were gunshots. He said they started running to the back of the store and employees helped them out the back door.
Tactical police units respond to the Boulder grocery store. (Getty)
Television helicopter video showed law enforcement vehicles and officers massing outside, including SWAT teams, and at least three helicopters on the roof of the store in Boulder, home to the University of Colorado about 40 kilometres northwest of Denver.
Officers had their guns drawn, and some windows at the front of the store were broken.
Authorities over a loudspeaker said the building was surrounded and that “you need to surrender."
They said to come out with hands up and unarmed.
A man who said he was shopping at the store told KCNC-TV that he heard a loud bang, then heard another, and by the third, everyone was running.
He said they ran to the back of the store, found the employee area and workers told them how to escape.
He said they walked single file, with their arms on the backs of those in front of them.
Officers were helping people out of the store to safety.
A person who answered the telephone at a nearby sandwich shop said he and his employees were locked down in the back of the store and all were safe.
Someone who answered the phone at nail studio next door said she and her colleagues were safe.
Neither had details on what happened at the market across the street.
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