Atlantic Ocean warmest it has been for 3000 years

Atlantic Ocean warmest it has been for 3000 years
The Atlantic Ocean is the warmest it has been for 3000 years, scientists say.
Scientists found in a study the temperature of the world's second largest ocean has spiked in the past decade in particular.
The research was published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS).
Experts used temperature data and studied debris from the bottom of the ocean including sediment from melted ice in Canada.
In this July 24, 2017, file photo, an iceberg floats past Bylot Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. (AP)
They warned the rise in temperature was "unprecedented."
"Temperatures have steadily increased since the 15th century minimum; the rate and magnitude of warming over the last few centuries are unprecedented in the entire record, leading to the last decade which was the warmest of the past 2900 years," the study found.
"The results show that the current warmth in sea surface temperature is unseen in the context of the past three millennia."
Climate change is being blamed for rising ocean temperatures, which can affect wildlife and ecosystems and mean sea levels rise.
In this image taken on June 22, 2019 an aerial view of melt water lakes on the edge of an ice cap in Nunatarssuk, Greenland. (AP Photo/Keith Virgo)
Last month, the United Nations weather agency said the past European summer will go down for leaving a "deep wound" in the cryosphere — the planet's frozen parts — amid a heat wave in the Arctic, shrinking sea ice and the collapse of a leading Canadian ice shelf.
The World Meteorological Organisation said .