Social media star and Bernard Tomic's girlfriend Vanessa Sierra resumes vlogging after hair washing saga

Social media star and Bernard Tomic's girlfriend Vanessa Sierra resumes vlogging after hair washing saga

Vanessa Sierra, girlfriend of tennis star Bernard Tomic, has uploaded another quarantine video after being brutally slammed for the last one.

She came under fire for the first clip, filmed from the hotel room where she’s quarantining with her tennis star boyfriend Bernard Tomic ahead of the Australian Open, with many slamming her for “complaining” about her situation.

“I forgot to film my intro so this is like the Kmart version – no make up, just a little filter,” she began her new YouTube video uploaded on Wednesday.

“I have been refraining from posting this because of the last video. I figured I can’t stop YouTubing forever, I’ve got to get on with my life, so I’ve put together part two of my life in quarantine.

“None of this is complaining – all I’m doing is showing you what it’s like to be in the bubble.”

The harsh response to her first clip was clearly noted in the second, with multiple disclaimers flashing across the screen as she spoke, and the social media star herself pausing to clarify any remarks that were less than glowing were “not complaints”.

Having not been on any flights with positive COVID-19 cases, she and Tomic are allowed out of the hotel for training, with stars ushered into a car park to train before they are allowed on the tennis court for practice.

They are also allowed to train at gyms, which are sanitised before the next cohort arrives.

Sierra said the system was super-strict, with distancing, sanitising and daily COVID testing thoroughly adhered to.

Those training are allowed access to one toilet and one tap, which they must be escorted to and is sanitised after every use.

Food is ordered via a QR code, delivered by a machine and brought to players by staff to ensure they stay in their allocated areas.

As she explains the food system, Sierra demonstrates how she adds soy sauce to sushi – by pushing the fish-shaped single-serve bottles into the nori to inject the liquid inside.

Even with the training that is being allowed, “it’s not really ideal coming up to a Grand Slam”, Sierra says.

“We’re also in a pandemic so I think that’s probably a little bit more important.

“It is so regulated – this isn’t a complaint, by the way,” she said as text appeared over the screen reading “I am simply explaining how things operate here DISCLAIMER”.

“It is insanely hot here at the moment so I’m just going to stay in the luxury of my hotel room, which has aircon,” she said.

As the video draws to a close, she pats her décolletage, pointing out a mild sunburn.

“I hope none of you took any of this as complaining because it absolutely isn’t.

“If you enjoyed it, give it a big thumbs up.”

After the hair washing saga, Sierra said she had received death threats and abuse but was just trying to be lighthearted.

The video spawned a meme that went viral on social media.

“During this time of COVID, a lot of people are going through s*** and struggling … so for the people I offended, I do apologise,” she said afterwards.