Aussie stocks completely halted due to IT issue

Aussie stocks completely halted due to IT issue
The Australian stock market will not trade today after disastrous IT issues brought the entire platform to its knees just 20 minutes after opening this morning.
In a statement, market operator ASX said it has discovered the issue that crippled the platform and will have it fixed before trade resumes tomorrow.
"ASX equity markets will not open for the remainder of today," the operator said.
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"The underlying cause of the issue has been identified and a resolution path is in place to allow trading to commence tomorrow at 10am."
Before it stopped the ASX 200 was flatlining at a positive 6484 points as IT teams work to establish a cause of the fault.
"The ASX equity market is currently paused and there is no trading while we investigate market data issues," the ASX announced on its website.
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'Data issues' brought the market to a halt this morning. (Nine)
"ASX apologies for the disruption and is working to rectify the issue as soon as possible."
The issues come as market operator ASX completed a systems upgrade over the weekend of its trading platform.
As many as four "rehearsals" of the new system changeover were made before going live in the early hours of this morning.
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All stocks are frozen on the Australian market as IT teams work to ensure trading can happen again. (Nine)
Market users and watchers were traditionally dry in responding to ASX's updates on the IT issue on Twitter.
"Have you tried to switch it off and on again?" offered one follower.
"Australian stop exchange," quipped another.
The ASX is normally open and trading from 10am to 4pm from Monday to Friday.