ASX reopens smoothly after epic IT meltdown

ASX reopens smoothly after epic IT meltdown
The ASX appears to have reopened smoothly this morning, after a massive IT glitch halted trading yesterday.
Trades are being successfully made in the first 30 minutes since the ASX opened at 10am (AEDT).
Yesterday trading was embarrassingly halted after just 25 minutes, and the ASX was forced to close for the day.
The ASX seemed to open today without any problems. (ASX)
As the system melted down, bringing the entire platform to its knees, trading houses could not execute orders for clients.
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The problems arose as market operator ASX completed a systems upgrade over the weekend of its trading platform.
"ASX sincerely apologises and deeply regrets the disruption to the market caused by the outage of the ASX Trade system," it said in a statement yesterday.