Transport network under pressure as commuters return in droves

Transport network under pressure as commuters return in droves

The state government has no plans to remove social distancing markers on its transport network despite commuters returning in droves.

But Transport Minister Andrew Constance said the state government has no plans to remove any of the green social-distancing markers preventing travellers from sitting next to each other.

“While we are seeing about 97 per cent of services running with good social and physical distancing we know there are some peak services, with commuters coming back like they are, which pose a challenge,” he said.

Masks remain mandatory on public transport and Mr Constance is urging Sydney residents to avoid crowds if they can.

These measures aren’t the only precautions in place, commuters can access real-time information through apps and social media to see which services have more space

“We put out notifications via Smartphone apps. If you can avoid a crowd, do it,” he told reporters on Thursday.

“While the vaccine is around the corner, it does not mean we are all going to get it next week.

“People need to understand masks are mandatory … and we will keep cleaning the trains, buses and ferries.”

Toward the end of 2020 more green dots appeared on the city’s transport network when train and bus capacity increased.

Trips were down 46.8 per cent on Wednesday compared to the same day last year but given NSW has gone more than 30 days without any community transmission people are returning to work in large numbers.

On Tuesday the network was back to 60 per cent capacity with that figure expected to rise to 70 next week.

Masks are also still mandatory in taxis and ride-share services in Sydney.

If you’re caught without one you could be fined $200.