Spike in grog-running to NT communities

Spike in grog-running to NT communities

Takeaway alcohol buyers in the Darwin area will be forced to show identification as the Northern Territory attempts to stamp out "grog-running".

The NT government on Monday enacted emergency powers after a spike in the illegal transportation of alcohol to "dry" remote indigenous communities.

"In one instance alone, more than 100 bottles of rum were seized," Acting Assistant Liquor Commissioner Bradley Currie said.

Mr Currie said black market alcohol had led to a sharp rise in alcohol-related incidents in remote communities.

"Residents can also be left unable to purchase food, fuel or other essential goods and services," he said.

Under the emergency powers, bottle shops in Greater Darwin will be required to ask customers for identification that shows a residential address in the area.

This can be waived if the salesperson is happy the customer has a lawful place of residence to consume the alcohol.

The liquor commissioner will review the requirements after seven days.