South Australia confirms five new coronavirus cases

South Australia confirms five new coronavirus cases
South Australia has confirmed five new cases of coronavirus, with four of those cases linked to the Parafield Cluster.
One infection is linked to the Anglicare aged care facility in Brompton while the other three are family members of a security guard at Peppers medi-hotel in the Adelaide CBD.
The fifth case has just been registered and its source is still under investigation.
A total of 20 cases are now linked to the cluster, but another 14 people have been deemed "high-risk" and may return positive results.
How Adelaide's coronavirus cluster started and spread
People queuing at the COVID-19 Testing site at Parafield Airport in Adelaide, South Australia. (Getty / Kelly Barnes)
The ages of South Australia's new coronavirus cases range from in their teens to in their 50s and all of them have very mild symptoms or none at all.
The new infections come after thousands of South Australians were tested in the last 24 hours.
Premier Steven Marshall thanked the public for coming out in record numbers.
"I'm now advised that today we are on track for more than 6,000," he said.
"This is nothing short of sensational and will be a record for South Australia."
South Australian Premier Steven Marshall said a record number of tests had been completed. (Getty)
Despite the large number of tests, Mr Marshall warned that South Australia was only in the initial stages of dealing with the outbreak.
"We are not out of the woods yet. We are just at the beginning stages of dealing with this nasty cluster in Parafield," he said.
"We are going to get through this but we are going to get through this with the cooperation of every single South Australian citizen. Everybody must play their role in making sure we stop this disease in its tracks."
Around 4,000 people, who are close contacts of confirmed or suspected South Australian coronavirus cases, are now in quarantine.
Chief Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said they are being contacted on a daily basis for a symptom check.
"This is a huge amount of work to make sure we are in regular contact with these people," she said.
New health advice has been issued for people who visited The Aquadome at Elizabeth.
Cars queue for the COVID-19 testing facility at Victoria Park, just outside the Adelaide CBD (Getty)
Anyone who was at The Aquadome between 11.00am and  1.30pm on Saturday the 14th of November is being asked to quarantine for 14 days and get tested immediately.
"We think that the exposure was more significant and we want those people to get into quarantine immediately," Professor Spurrier said.
"Obviously we will be chasing up with The Aquadome to see if we can get direct contact details but this is an early warning to those people."
Five schools have now been closed in Adelaide due to coronavirus concerns.
The Roma Mitchell College has been forced to close along with Mawson Lakes Primary School and Preschool, Thomas More College, the Holy Family Catholic School and Mount Carmel College.
"Some closures may be longer than others and it really depends on when we get the interviews through and get more information, then we can make a determination," Professor Spurrier said.
South Australian are also being urged to wear a mask at all times.