Local MP Sonya Kilkenny posted about crime around time of alleged stabbing of Cam Smith in Seaford

Local MP Sonya Kilkenny posted about crime around time of alleged stabbing of Cam Smith in Seaford

A local MP posted about crime being a problem in the area where a young man had been allegedly stabbed to death while defending his girlfriend.

Cam Smith, 26, was found suffering life-threatening injuries around 7pm on Wednesday after being fatally attacked near Seaford train station.

Cam’s dad, Mike, fought back tears as he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell his son was getting something to eat with his girlfriend when a group allegedly started yelling at her.

He claimed his son was defending his girlfriend when he was allegedly stabbed.

“He had everything to live for, he was a go-getter, hard worker, he had a heart of gold, he would help anyone, anytime, he was just a fantastic kid.

“He wanted to work for himself, he wanted to become a registered builder, he wanted a family.

“(That) was snuffed out in a matter of minutes.”

Shortly after the alleged attack – at 7.46pm – Carrum MP Sonya Kilkenny posted a promise on Facebook about generally focusing on the scourge of crime at Seaford.

“According to police, there does seem to be an increase in the incidents of anti-social behaviour this year at Seaford and Frankston,” the post says, revealing a new initiative by law enforcers dubbed Operation Summer Safe.

Facebook users were quick to point out that someone had just died.

“Right now we do not feel safe to do these things that were the simple highlights of living here in Seaford,” one Facebook user wrote. “Please push for a constant police presence throughout the summer months.”

The pleas for help continued as an outpouring of grief flowed for Mr Smith at the site of the gruesome attack.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested on Thursday morning in relation to the alleged incident, while three suspects remain on the run.

“Detectives are still seeking to identify two other males and a female that they believe may be able to assist with the investigation,” the police statement said.

Homicide squad detectives spent Wednesday night canvassing the scene trying to piece together what happened, police revealed earlier on Thursday.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said homicide squad detectives were looking for three men and a woman over the incident.

He told 3AW radio it appeared there was an altercation that led to the man being stabbed.

“We will identify these offenders, there’s no doubt about that,” he said.

“They’d be better off coming forward and handing themselves in because it won’t take us long to scoop them up.”

The horrific attack happened in front of shocked witnesses on Station Street.

Witnesses reported seeing a glass bottle smashed and then allegedly used to stab the man.

Posting about the event on social media, they said the man was allegedly kicked in the head twice before the offenders ran away.

Another witness, Jacqui, posted on Facebook that she saw paramedics performing CPR on the victim.

“I seen the ambos doing compressions for a good 10 minutes, poor guy,” she said.

Another woman, Jody, said there was a huge police presence at the station and nearby Seaford beach.

“Paramedics were working on a guy … there’s a big police and ambulance presence both at the station end and the beach,” she posted on Facebook.

Witness Annette said it was “very sad” and “terrible” what happened.

“We were just walking past attempting to go down to the beach, which was impossible with all the police,” she posted.

“It was a scene best to avoid, and then while attempting to walk back home another nightmare scene witnessing ambos and police doing CPR then proceeding to put a white sheet over apparently a young male.”

One witness, Dylan, 16, told the Leader he saw the man fall to the ground during the alleged attack.

“There was blood everywhere, it was really bad,” he said.

Another witness told the newspaper the man “was choking up blood and asking for help, it was really terrible”.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or with information has been urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.