Jetski hoons facing $500 fine

Jetski hoons facing $500 fine
Dangerous and disruptive jetski riders have been put on notice as police threaten fines in maritime safety blitz.
NSW Police have warned any jetski riders who speed, are unlicenced, come close to swimmers or make excessive noise that they will be slapped with a $500 fine.
Maritime officers will prowl waterways over the weekend as temperatures are expected to soar on the last weekend of summer, with a vow offenders won't be let off with a caution.
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A maritime safety blitz this weekend will target dangerous and disruptive jet ski riders. (9News)
"This isn't really a warning today, this is a promise," Transport for NSW Acting Chief Operations Officer Mark Hutchings said.
"What happens when the sun comes out - the guns come out. Jet skis are everywhere," Mr Hutchings said.
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Police also have the power to seize jet skis that have been illegally-modified.
Despite the fact that this is the last weekend of summer, police deemed the operation necessary due to a recent surge in jet skis.
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Since May, more than nine thousand licenses have been issued, which was a 90 per cent spike.
The aim of the operation is to keep people safe in the water.
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"This weekend we need everyone to cool their jets," Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said.
"We've seen a dozen people lose their lives over the last 12 months on the state's waters."