Horror high-speed crash at a sidecar racing event in Adelaide

Horror high-speed crash at a sidecar racing event in Adelaide
A horror high-speed impact at a sidecar racing event in Adelaide has left a passenger with spinal injuries.
Shayne Melbourne was behind the wheel when his passenger Nick Johns flung metres from their bike at the Gillman Speedway track about 8pm on Saturday.
A rider and his passenger were badly injured in a crash during an Adelaide speedway race. (Nine)
Paramedics were called to the track, with the pair's injuries extensive.
"I was at full throttle, I thought 'am I going to miss?' Then too late, bang, done," Mr Melbourne told 9News.
Both were treated on site then given the all clear.
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Mr Johns later realised he was in a bad way and took himself to hospital, where he's expected to be for days.
"I spoke to him today, he's got a couple of squashed vertebraes, he's not in a good way," Mr Melbourne said.
It was the second major crash on the night.
Mr Melbourne said the condition of the track was a concern.
One of the injured riders has questioned the safety of the track. (Nine)
"The track surface looked great but was hot and cold all night — very dry and slick in others — a number of incidents where quite a few people got hurt," he said.
No race official received a complaint about the track last night.
9News has been told the track meets international standards and safety features include rubber fencing and airbags on corners.