Police assaulted during COVID-19 compliance check

Police assaulted during COVID-19 compliance check
A man and woman have been charged and refused bail after allegedly assaulting police during a COVID-19 compliance check as more people in Greater Sydney cop fines for refusing to wear masks.
Officers attended a home on Amy Street, Regents Park in Sydney's west just after midnight to confirm a resident at the location was staying home as directed under the Public Health Act.
Police allege the 39-year-old man verbally abused the attending officers before threatening them.
A man and woman were charged after allegedly assaulting and threatening police during a home COVID-19 compliance check on Amy Street, Regents Park, NSW. (Google Maps)
Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains residents can now be fined $200 for not wearing a mask
More police were called to the home after the man allegedly resisted five officers.
During the incident, a 20-year-old woman at the home allegedly tried to prevent police from arresting the man and assaulted a male senior constable.
The duo was arrested and taken to Auburn Police Station.
While the man was obeying a stay at home order under the Public Health Act, he was criminally charged for the other alleged offences, including intimidate and hinder police.
The woman was charged with two counts of assaulting an officer.
They were both refused bail to appear in court today.
So far this week, police in NSW have issued 12 fines and more than 50 warnings for breaches of the Public Health Act.
Among those breaches was a 60-year-old man who was fined for allegedly abusing security and staff at a shopping centre in Merrylands in Sydney's west, after being asked to wear a mask yesterday morning.
So far this week, police in NSW have issued 12 fines and more than 50 warnings for breaches of the Public Health Act. (iStock)
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Police allege the man became aggressive and was escorted from the building by security. He allegedly struggled with the security guard, causing both of them to fall to the ground.
While no injuries were reported, the man asked to be taken to Auburn Hospital where he again refused to wear a mask. He was then fined $200 for the alleged offence.
Just before 9.30am yesterday, another man, aged 68, allegedly entered a hardware store in Blacktown, west of Sydney without a mask on.
A security guard and police officer who was at the location told the man he was required to wear a mask, but he refused and would not provide identification.
He was arrested and taken to Blacktown Police Station so officers could determine his identity and was then subsequently fined $200 for the alleged Public Health Breach.
Police were patrolling Glenfield Train Station, in Sydney's southwest yesterday afternoon when they approached a 54-year-old man who wasn't wearing a mask.
When asked why, the man allegedly told officers the mask wouldn't work because he had a beard.
Police did not deem this an appropriate excuse and the man was fined $200 for the offence.
Police are reminding people it is mandatory to wear masks when at public indoor venues and on public transport. (Getty)
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On Tuesday afternoon, Transport Command officers approached a man at Blacktown Train Station, west of Sydney, who wasn't wearing any face covering.
The man allegedly told police he didn't have a mask and had no intention of getting one. He was fined $200 for the alleged offence.
Yesterday morning, officers were patrolling the same location when they again found the man allegedly not wearing a mask or face covering.
This time the man allegedly swore at the officers and insisted that he "does not wear masks".
He was issued another $200 fine and given a move-on direction from the train station.
Yesterday evening, police were patrolling trains on the Airport and South Line when they approached a 24-year-old man who wasn't wearing a mask.
Blacktown Train Station (Google Maps)
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When asked why, the man was another person who allegedly was under the impression that he was not required to wear a mask. He was also given a $200 fine.
Police are urging people to adhere to current Public Health Orders and wear a mask when at public venues and on public transport.
Just yesterday more than 50 people across Greater Sydney were warned about not wearing them.