Coronavirus: Matt Canavan, Greg Hunt rally against Victorian lockdown

Coronavirus: Matt Canavan, Greg Hunt rally against Victorian lockdown

Victoria’s road map out of coronavirus lockdowns has been dubbed “crazy” by former resources minister Matt Canavan.

It comes as the Federal Government puts pressure on the Andrews Government to publicly release the modelling and assumptions that informed the plan.

Senator Canavan told Sky News on Tuesday that Daniel Andrews needed to explain why he chose certain thresholds – including a daily case average of less than five over the previous 14 days before some restrictions are eased.

“I’m always a bit sceptical about modelling, and it seems completely crazy to set these very low thresholds before people can get out and about in Victoria,” Senator Canavan said.

“It seems to me there has been a secret change in strategy and that needs to be explained.

“Apparently some kind of supercomputer was used.”

Senator Canavan said Mr Andrews also needed to answer why he was unable to improve testing and tracing capabilities to the standard needed.

“Dan Andrews should be sent the bill for this. The bill shouldn’t be coming to Canberra,” he said.

Health Minister Greg Hunt told ABC Breakfast that Victoria had improved its response since the Australian Defence Force personnel arrived but more could be done.

He said the Federal Government had offered additional support but less than five cases on average over 14 days to emerge from stage 3 lockdowns was an “enormously difficult standard”.

“We were given the high-level modelling, and the best advice I had last night from the Department of Health was that they hadn’t received the underlying data and assumptions,” Mr Hunt said.

“We would like to not only receive it as a national government, as an Australian government, but we believe that all assumptions, all elements should be published.”