Brisbane grandfather rescued by granddaughter after motorcycle fall

Brisbane grandfather rescued by granddaughter after motorcycle fall

The motorbike rider ‘knew he was going to make it’ when he heard his granddaughter’s voice after 10 hours of lying at the bottom of an embankment.

Kevin Franklin, 75, failed to return home from a group ride in the Gold Coast hinterland last week and waited 10 hours with broken bones for somebody to find him.

He told Today that he knew “sooner or later somebody would come along” but was relieved when his granddaughter, Terri, came to his rescue.

“I kept wondering how I was going to survive until daylight because of the pain level … and the fact I had to lie on hard rock,” he said.

“Every car that went past I yelled out … But I was 25 metres down a bank and (in) thick bush. No way they were going to hear me. It wasn’t much fun.”

He said being eventually found by Terri was indescribable, saying, “I just knew I was going to make it then.”

Terri, who is seven months pregnant, said she and her partner Rohan couldn’t sit at home while her pop was missing.

“Once we got off the phone from Dad telling us that Pop is missing, we couldn’t sit still,” she said.

“No way we were going to sit there and just wait … We joined my dad and another granddaughter of Pop’s and our family and search party to help find him.”

She said they were in “shock and disbelief” to find their pop after initially fearing the worst.

“I was in all sorts coming up that Springbrook road,” she said.

“As soon as I heard his voice, knew he was breathing, I knew he’d be OK. He’s very strong mentally.”