'TikTok brawl' boils over on Sydney street

'TikTok brawl' boils over on Sydney street
Simmering tension between two community groups has boiled over on a street in western Sydney's Harris Park.
The pre-planned fight was first organised and then broadcast through the social media app TikTok.
As members of the Punjabi and Harayana communities raced up Wigram street, the public order riot squad and two dozen police moved in.
"It was not good what has happened," business owner Nitin Setia told 9News.
"It's really bad for the community here."
Punjabi and Harayana leaders told 9News they've tried to de-escalate the situation.
They fear the mindless actions of a few are painting a bad picture of this peaceful community.
"This does not represent our community," community member Amar Singh told 9News.
"Harris Park is a great hub for multicultural food. We totally condemn it as a community – it shouldn't have happened."
Police are now examining the footage. No arrests have been made.