The weirdest celebrity videos from coronavirus quarantine: Madonna, Cardi B, Naomi Watts, and more

The weirdest celebrity videos from coronavirus quarantine: Madonna, Cardi B, Naomi Watts, and more

They might have fame and fortune but when it comes down to coronavirus self-isolation, celebrities are just like us. Check out their weird videos and pics.

Ordinary people are not the only ones who suffer from cabin fever during the global coronavirus lockdown.

Stars have taken to social media to share their rituals, recommendations, hopes, dreams, fears – or just some kind of crazy behaviour.

Here are some of the funniest and strangest celebrity posts as these high profile players try to stave off boredom during the new era of social distancing.


Yesterday, Madge shared on Instagram video of herself sitting at home and typing on an old-fashioned typewriter as jazz records played in the background. The Material Girl used the hashtag #becreative as she read a poem about “self-obsessed egos” and included herself in that description.

Today, Madonna went a step further and did a wacky dance using a hairbrush as a microphone and sang (“Vogue,” out of tune) that she wanted to go and eat some fried fish because there was “no more pasta.”


Beebs seemed restless, and posted a short video of him dancing in place, wearing a hoodie and looking cute, if nothing else. And ever since he’s been back to posting TikTok videos.


Miley has been putting her time under lockdown to good use, contributing to “distance learning” through her “Brightminded” online classes which you can join Monday through Friday, and which discuss everything from songwriting to LGBTQ history. It's how to stay “lit” during dark times in the company of Miley and her guest stars!


Hugh got serious and filmed an at-home public service announcement, reminding people to stay at home “and do the right thing.” But alarmingly, amid the noise in the background, it sounds like someone’s coughing.

Be well, Hugh!


Naomi seems to be going stir crazy and while the Aussie star is not shy about sharing her glam routine or cute kids which she shares with her ex, Liev Schreiber, she has now shared herself dancing with house plants.


Our Nic doesn’t seem to be overly enthused about being locked down with hot hubby Keith Urban, posting a sweet selfie of them together at home. “Home studio gig … again” posted Nicole. Good thing she added a love heart.


Cardi has posted some strange things in her time and now is no exception with the rapper dropping frequent F-Bombs as she addresses fans while wearing a face mask.

Try and follow the logic of this long-winded rant to get to her message: coronavirus is real, people! Health care in the US should be free.

Preach, sister!

Earlier, she knocked over a gigantic Jenga tower instead of keeping it up.


The Aussie wife of superstar comic Ellen DeGeneres is teaching herself how to cook during the coronavirus lockdown.

But it’s not going all that smoothly.

In the series of videos De Rossi posts daily she is often ruining the food, slicing her fingers, or burning herself.

And Ellen doesn’t seem all that impressed with either the process or the finished results made by her well-meaning wife.

Let’s hope they get through quarantine together as a vegan celebrity couple!


The No Doubt rocker who is married to Blake Shelton took to her hubby’s hair perhaps out of “shear” lokdown boredom to rid him of an unsightly “quarantine mullet” by adding some decorative stripes.


The makeup-free veteran star of stage and screen appeared to out herself as a dog lover – or as a furry, you decide – while posing in her garden wearing a plush dog hat.

Her advice on getting through lockdown? Just keep laughing!