How Netflix drama The Crown brought Buckingham Palace to our screens without the Queen's approval

How Netflix drama The Crown brought Buckingham Palace to our screens without the Queen's approval

Our travel horizons may have narrowed of late, but TV hits continue to transport us to far-flung and exotic parts of the planet.

The fourth series of the hit Netflix series The Crown, which introduces new characters such as Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) and Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) is one of them.

Watching the show, which follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, you’ll find yourself adding cinematic natural backdrops and majestic palaces and castles to an itinerary for your next visit to Britain.

London, as usual, is one of the stars of the show, with Buckingham Palace at the heart of many scenes.

While you can normally visit the Queen’s main residence during the British summer (outside of pandemic times), its interior wasn’t actually used for filming purposes.

Instead, various stately homes across the country stood in for it, including the near-neighbouring Lancaster House — an early 19th-century mansion that was originally built for the Duke of York and staged the Coronation Banquet for the newly crowned Elizabeth II in June 1953.

Another location that stood in for Buckingham Palace — and which you can normally visit year round — is Wilton House.

The country seat for the Earls of Pembroke for more than 400 years, it nestles in landscaped parkland in Wiltshire, just outside the cathedral city of Salisbury, 150km west of London.

Back in London, you can take a peek at where the Princess used to live with her flatmates before she got wed: 60 Coleherne Court on Old Brompton Road.

North of the border, Scotland is a long-time favourite with The Crown’s producers.

In the latest season, as well as playing itself, it also doubled up as the Icelandic and Irish countrysides (the salmon fishing scene with Prince Charles was shot at the Dunbeath Estate, on Scotland’s north-east coast, and the explosive scene where Lord Mountbatten met his fate was filmed at Keiss harbour near John o’ Groats).

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