Ex-Block star Suzi Taylor's sex extortion accuser may have been client

Ex-Block star Suzi Taylor's sex extortion accuser may have been client

The man accusing reality TV contestant and former Penthouse cover girl Suzi Taylor of assault and extortion after a late-night rendezvous may have been a drunk sex client who refused to pay, a court has been told.

The complaint was made against The Block 2015 contestant after the man was allegedly bashed and unlawfully detained at Taylor’s home in October last year following a Tinder hook-up.

It is alleged Taylor, whose real name is Suellen Jan Taylor, demanded money from the man during the date, then attacked him when he refused to hand it over.

The man, then 33, was punched and kicked in the face before being forced to make an online transaction and withdrew money, police said at the time.

But on Tuesday, Brisbane Magistrate Court was told the man may not have been on a date with Taylor, 49, but instead hired her for sex, then refused to leave her home when asked.

It was also alleged the man deleted evidence from his phone before making a complaint to the police the morning after the alleged attack.

“It is remarkable that these issues have not been explored by investigating police,” Taylor’s lawyer, Michael Gatenby, told the court at an application hearing to cross-examine the man at her committal hearing about the nature of his relationship with Taylor.

“The inferences that arise from that (are) issues as to the complainant’s credibility.”

Prosecutor Michael Andronicus denied the claims, saying the man may have been intoxicated on the night but he has been “remarkably consistent” that he was on a Tinder date.

“There is no reference to any escort arrangement,” he said.

Despite this, Deputy Chief Magistrate Janelle Brassington approved the application, saying it was in the interests of justice.

Ms Brassington also ordered that Mr Gatenby be allowed to question police over Taylor’s phone, which investigators held as evidence.

“There seems to be an indication that there were applications relating to what is called ’Escorts and Babes’ and ’Scarlet Blue’ on the phone,” she said.

Outside court, Mr Gatenby said there were problems with the Crown case.

“We want to explore those and see whether there is a case for (Taylor) to answer,” he said.

“We are very hopeful the committal hearing will see an end to matters.”

Taylor was previously granted bail for the charges but was taken into custody last month for allegedly breaching her bail conditions on 49 occasions.

Mr Gatenby said many of the alleged breaches were an “overreach” by police and Taylor plans to reapply for bail.

“She has been in a difficult position with her mental health and I think that has contributed to her (allegedly) committing those breaches,” he said.

“I am quietly confident we can bring a proper application.”

Taylor’s co-accused, Ali Ebrahimi, is also facing assault occasioning bodily harm, extortion and derivation of liberty charges.

He remains on bail in South Australia.

A committal hearing for both Taylor and Ebrahimi has been scheduled for July 29.