Azealia Banks appears to boil her dead cat remains in a disturbing Instagram post

Azealia Banks appears to boil her dead cat remains in a disturbing Instagram post


Azealia Banks has sparked concerns for her mental health after she appeared to exhume her dead cat and boil it.

In graphic videos that have now been removed from Instagram, the rapper was seen on her hands and knees digging up what she claimed were the remains of her cat Lucifer who died last year.

“A lot of you guys don’t know, Lucifer the cat died three months ago, and we had to put him in the ground, and we’re digging him up for the very first time,” she explained.

“She’s coming back to life c****.

“The cat is in the bag.”

The 29-year-old then posted footage of what appeared to show the corpse in a pot with a thick black concoction that she stirred with a stick.

“Lucifer 2009-2020. My Dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve,” she captioned the video.

Fans were quick to voice their distress as the singer boiled the skull on the stove.

“AZEALIA BANKS DUG UP HER DEAD CAT AND COOKED IT... i have no words for 2021 this is not the year,” one person said on Twitter.

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In 2016 Banks posted another bizarre series of videos on Instagram cleaning out her wardrobe, which was covered in dried blood and feathers from sacrificed chickens, having practised “three years worth of brujeria (witchcraft)”.

Aussie singer Sia — who is a long-time animal activist — criticised her at the time.

“Sacrificing animals for your gain is the wackest s*** I’ve ever heard. Get ahead by being awesome, kind and working hard,” Sia tweeted.

“Your ugly pasty dry white lady winter skin face is the ugliest face I’ve ever seen, that must be why you hide it all the time. Have some f****** respect for my f****** traditional African religion, you pompous white b****,” Banks responded in a since-deleted post.