Couple forced to cancel wedding after 'lie' sparked SA lockdown

Couple forced to cancel wedding after 'lie' sparked SA lockdown
An Adelaide couple who were supposed to be married today are leading an outcry after it was found an alleged lie had sparked South Australia's urgent COVID-19 lockdown that foiled their big day.
Bodie Tickner and Haylee Hook were forced to call off their nuptials after the lockdown was ordered by Premier Steven Marshall earlier this week.
"I was literally standing in my wedding dress when I found out we were going into lockdown," Ms Hook said.
Bodie Tickner and Haylee Hook were set to get married today - and then South Australia went into lockdown. (9News)
Police probe 'lie' that sparked SA lockdown
"I just cried. We all cried."
South Australia's hard lockdown was eased sooner than planned, with Mr Marshall revealing today a close contact linked to the Woodville pizza bar had deliberately misled the contract tracing team.
A police taskforce has been appointed to investigate.
Although some restrictions have lifted, others will remain from 11.59pm on Saturday, Mr Marshall said.
Ms Hook said there had been a lot of tears. (9News)
Businesses have been hit hard as well, and though many owners and workers are happy to be back to work, there's frustration they had to shut in the first place.
"We can't just walk into the pub tomorrow with a minute's notice and we're good to go," Havelock Hotel manager Michael Hanlan said.
"I've actually got to jump inside and do my roster for next week with very little notice."
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Tradies who had to down tools yesterday and cancel jobs next week are also seething.
"I'm more angry for blokes in my family or my close mates working for me, they've been doing it tough," Steele Labouring owner Dene Steele said.
Businesses are also furious after being forced into lockdown. (9News)
While many businesses will be busy again from Sunday, Business SA has called for restrictions to be lifted at midnight tonight instead.
The organisation is also calling for any business that suffered measurable financial loss, to be compensated.
"We believe that the cost to business could be in the tens of millions of dollars," CEO Martin Haese said.
"It certainly could be more, especially for those who are dealing with perishable goods."