Commonwealth Bank unveils new logo as part of refreshed brand

Commonwealth Bank unveils new logo as part of refreshed brand

Australia’s largest bank has unveiled a new “lighter, brighter and more dynamic” logo as part of its revamped brand identity for 2020.

Australia’s largest bank says the logo is a symbol of optimism beyond the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Launching its new marketing campaign on Monday, CBA chief marketing officer Monique Macleod said the design change of its signature diamond logo came off the back of a strategy transformation focused around customers.

“We have been working to put the needs of our customers front and centre,” she said.

“With the work we are doing to reinvent the organisation around a new strategy and values, now is the right time to refresh the iconic diamond, making it lighter, brighter and more dynamic and inject new meaning into the ‘can’ platform.”

The new logo will ditch the black strip in the right bottom corner of the diamond logo in favour of a full yellow version.

CBA first implemented the diamond logo following its full privatisation in 1991. The bank had been trading under the Commonwealth Banking Corporation logo from 1960.

The bank said the changes were an “evolution” not a “revolution” of the company’s identity, with the logo and new campaign to represent the financial aspirations of Australians.

“A symbol of optimism fit for the future and one that represents the work we’ve done to be better, the work we still have to do, and the brighter future we are committed to helping Australia achieve,” Ms Macleod said.

CBA also noted its new “Can Lives Here” strategy showed the “Australian capacity to not only thrive but to stay optimistic even when optimism is under threat”.

M&C Saatchi chief creative officer Cam Blackley, who assisted in the revamp, said the campaign focused on the “can do” attitude of Australians.

“In the early parts of creative development, we spoke directly with customers and frontline staff, and we heard over and over again about that shared resilience, the ‘can do’ attitude and positivity that Aussies have always shown,” Mr Blackley said.

“We wanted to create a campaign that celebrates and showcases the achievements and attributes of these people, on television, in print, on outdoor sites and social media.”