Six-bedroom New Jersey home is free, but there's a catch

Six-bedroom New Jersey home is free, but there's a catch
A six-bedroom home in a trendy New Jersey suburb is being offered for free, but there is a big catch for any potential takers.
The three-storey property is owned by the Redeemer Church of Montclair and is currently used for church offices and classrooms, but the church wants to build a new addition to the main building and the house is in the way.
To make space for the new construction, the church is giving the house away, so long as the new owners take it with them.
The six-bedroom Montclair property is free for anyone willing to move it from the North Willow Street location by January. (Google Maps)
The church originally planned to demolish the 3,300-square-foot Victorian home to make way for their construction, but this caused a stir with the local community.
"The Historic Preservation Committee in town asked if we could make the house available to someone who wanted to pay to move it before we demolished it," Redeemer senior pastor Daniel Ying told
The solution was to move the house in its entirety to another location.
But the new owner would need to temporarily relocate the powerlines hooked up to the home as well.
While the house may be offered for free, the efforts to move it are not.

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Another New Jersey property was offered for free earlier this year but there were no takers so it was demolished. (
A local real estate has estimated it will cost between AU$22,000 and AU$300,000 to move.
The Redeemer Church will still demolish the 23 North Willow Street property in January if no takers come forward.
The six-bedroom property has two-and-a-half bathrooms and was built in 1910.
In July, another New Jersey property was offered for just $10 on the premise the new owners move it. Nobody came forward and it was knocked to the ground to make way for new construction.