Roberta Williams sister dumps lawyer as she fights $48,000 luggage theft case

Roberta Williams sister dumps lawyer as she fights $48,000 luggage theft case
The sister of gangland window Roberta Williams has dumped her lawyer as she fights accusations of stealing $48,000 in luggage at Melbourne Airport.
Michelle Kaye Mercieca, 52, faced Broadmeadows Magistrates Court today on 19 charges relating to the theft of luggage at the airport on eight days between October 6, 2017 and September 5, 2018.
The alleged thefts were worth $47,979.90.
Roberta Williams is the widow of gangland drug king pin Carl Williams. (AAP)
"My barrister isn't here. I feel I have been misrepresented, coerced," she told the court, while representing herself.
Mercieca had been expected to plead guilty but she told Magistrate Timothy Hoare that was not the case.
"I don't really know what charges have been put down. He (her former barrister) was just plucking charges out of the air that I don't know what he is talking about," she said.
Mr Hoare told Mercieca as she felt misrepresented, she needed another lawyer.
"I am going to stand the matter down - have you see Legal Aid, Forensicare and assessed for a Community Corrections Order," he said.
"That might give me some more information about your situation and background."
The theft of luggage worth more than $12,300 is one of the alleged charges levelled against Mercieca, court documents show.
That same day on June 2, 2018, she allegedly struck twice more, nearing a total haul of $16,000 in luggage.
The matter has been stood down while Mercieca receives assessments for mental health, Legal Aid and a Community Corrections Order.
But the magistrate warned: "Don't leave court without seeing me, because you are on bail."
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