Brazilian bank robber caught in another creepy silicone mask

Brazilian bank robber caught in another creepy silicone mask
A Brazilian man has been charged after allegedly robbing the bank he used to work at while wearing an elaborate old man disguise.
According to Santa Catarina military police, the man donned a silicone mask, dark glasses and a beret as he stormed the bank in Jaragua do Sul in the state's north on Monday with a plastic gun.
After his alleged attempt to take hostages failed, the man jumped from a building window and broke his leg when he fell on a car.
An alleged bank robber was caught in a creepy silicone mask after he jumped out a window and broke his leg. (Santa Catarina military police)
"He was alone and when he realised it would not be possible to take any money, he became upset," Police Commissioner Daniel Dias told local media.
"During the confusion he threw himself from the window."
Unable to move, the unidentified man was forced to lie there until police arrived.
The failed robber's disturbing-looking disguise is similar to the attempt prison inmate Clauvino da Silva used to try and escape jail in Rio de Janeiro last weekend.
The convicted drug dealer tried to disguise himself by wearing a silicone mask of his 19-year-old daughter's face, hoping to escape the high-security facility and leave her there in his place.
Jailed Brazilian drug trafficker Clauvino da Silva wearing a mask and feminine clothing, as his hands are confined behind his back at a prison complex in Rio de Janeiro. (AAP)
Suspecting something wasn't right, guards stopped da Silva and unmasked him.
Video of da Silva getting caught in the odd looking mask, long black wig and a bright pink t-shirt went viral in the days after.
The following Tuesday, da Silva was found dead in his cell. He was serving a 73-year sentence for drug dealing.
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