Boris Johnson moved to intensive care

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care after being admitted to hospital with coronavirus.
The British leader's condition has worsened since he was taken to hospital on Sunday night, officials have confirmed.
He was diagnosed with the virus almost two weeks ago.He had still been leading the country, but has now asked his Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, to deputise.
"Since Sunday evening, the Prime Minister has been under the care of doctors at St Thomas' Hospital, in London, after being admitted with persistent symptoms of coronavirus," a spokesperson for No.10 said.
"Over the course of this afternoon, the condition of the Prime Minister has worsened and, on the advice of his medical team, he has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.
"The PM has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is the First Secretary of State, to deputise for him where necessary.
"The PM is receiving excellent care, and thanks all NHS staff for their hard work and dedication."
Mr Johnson was moved to the ICU (intensive care unit) at St Thomas' at around 7pm on Monday night (UK time) after his condition worsened over the course of this afternoon, the spokesperson said.
His symptoms included a high temperature and a cough.
Earlier on Monday, he tweeted that he was in "good spirits".
Uk Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will take over as head of the government. (AP/AAP)
He has been moved to the ICU as a precaution should he require ventilation to aid his recovery.
Earlier, Johnson, who had been isolating in Downing Street after testing positive for the virus last month, was taken to St Thomas' Hospital in central London on Sunday night after the symptoms continued for a period longer than 10 days.
His office and ministers said Johnson, 55, continued to run the government, that he was doing well, and that he would undergo routine tests as a precaution. Downing Street declined to say what check-ups he would have.
"On the advice of my doctor, I went into hospital for some routine tests as I'm still experiencing coronavirus symptoms," Johnson said on Twitter.
"I'm in good spirits and keeping in touch with my team, as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe."
Johnson's spokesman said the prime minister had a comfortable night in the hospital and remained there under observation. He described Johnson's symptoms as "persistent". These included a high temperature and a cough.
Johnson continues to receive his ministerial box of government documents, he added.
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A photo supplied by Number 10 Downing Street shows Prime Ministe Boris Johnson chairing a COVID-9 meeting remotely whilst in isolation on Saturday, March 28. (AP)
Britain has no formal succession plan should the prime minister become incapacitated.
Raab chaired the government's emergency COVID-19 meeting on Monday and will continue to chair the daily meeting while Johnson is in hospital.
Some in the Conservative Party called for Raab to formally step in for the prime minister until he was better.
Doctors have said a person of Johnson's age with COVID-19 symptoms after 10 days was likely to be assessed for their oxygen levels, lung, liver and kidney functions, and undergo an electrocardiogram heart check.
"Clearly the prime minister is finding it difficult to shake this thing off," said Jonathan Ball, Professor of Molecular Virology at Nottingham University.
Medics said patients with COVID-19 can deteriorate after about 10 days, with some developing pneumonia.
Johnson has faced criticism for initially approving a much more modest response to the coronavirus outbreak than other European leaders, saying on March 3 he had shaken hands with coronavirus patients.
He changed tack when scientific projections showed a quarter of a million people could die in the UK.
Health officials have today confirmed the British death toll from the coronavirus had risen by 439 to 5373.
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