Hands on with Samsung's folding phone

Hands on with Samsung's folding phone
The Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced seven months ago in San Francisco, however its official launch was delayed after problems with the device were discovered just weeks before the public availability.
New updates, additional protection for the hinge of this revolutionary folding phone and Samsung is now ready to show it to the wider world, launching it again in Berlin at the IFA Tech Show.
9News was given unique access to check out the updated device in Berlin, and it's most certainly a surprising device.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the most unique smartphones to enter the market. (Rob Locke - EFTM)
It's a very different shape to literally every other smartphone on the market. Quite tall, thin from side to side but fat, or deep in width - it feels like no other phone too.
On the front the screen seems tiny when you consider the overall size of the phone, leaving large bare areas above and below the screen - unusual in this age of "full screen" phones.
Using two hands you flick the phone open like a book and it's then and only then you realise why this device exists. That larger screen is perfect for reading, browsing and viewing.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a small screen in its unextended form. (Rob Locke - EFTM)
Commuting on a train, waiting at the doctors, no matter where you are passing time flicking through social media or watching videos, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is perfect for that.
Closing the Galaxy Fold back up requires more than just a flick of a finger, again, two hands primarily.
Design is in line with all current Samsung phones, as is the build quality - it would be hard to fault that on this device.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is much thicker than a typical phone. (Rob Locke - EFTM)
Having changed the screen layering technology to removing the temptation to tear down part of the screen, and having added closures to the hinge areas top and bottom to stop debris entering under the screen, Samsung are confident this device is ready to go on sale.
In fact it is on sale in South Korea - making it officially the world's first folding smartphone, however the battle with Huawei who have their own folding phone the Mate X is intense and reaching more markets is critical.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold's launch was delayed by the discovery of serious problems with the device. (Rob Locke - EFTM)
No launch date for Australia has been set, nor has pricing, but we can expect this to be a $3,000 phone - especially given our dollar on the markets.
After an hour with the device, I think it's a great first attempt at a brand new category. The "fold" in the screen is visible and that is one thing that it's hard not to be critical of - though playing a game and browsing the web you tend to forget about it.
Videos are interrupted by the camera notch on the inside, which leads me to think the "version 2" of The Galaxy Fold could be the one to wait for.
We're expecting the Samsung Galaxy Fold to go on sale in Australia before Christmas.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold functions like a tablet when fully extended. (Rob Locke - EFTM)
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