When Novak met Novak

When Novak met Novak

IT’S not every day you meet your hero twice.

South Perth’s Novak Jacimovic (10), of South Perth, was chosen to toss the ANZ Commemorative Coin prior to the match quarter-final between Novak Djokovic and Milos Raonic on Rod Laver Arena at the Australian Open last month.

He said rubbing shoulders with his idol was a dream come true and he felt a rush of adrenalin walking on to the court. Back at school, Novak was eager to share his school holidays encounter with his classmates.

“My teacher from last year was actually at the match and said she was so proud of me, she asked for my autograph,” he said.

Sharing a love for tennis and the same name, Novak said he started playing tennis when he was just three years old.

His mother Snezana Jacimovic said taking Novak to the Open with her had become a bit of a family tradition.

“One year I yelled out to Novak Djokovic that there was another Novak there watching him and Djokovic picked him up from the crowd and put him on court to have a hit with him,’’ she said.

“He was besides himself with happiness.”

Novak said has been playing sport most of his life, but had a special interest in tennis and enjoyed both the mental and physical challenges.