Teens charged after guards 'hit with bat'

Teens charged after guards 'hit with bat'
Three teenagers have been charged with assaulting two guards at a Victorian youth jail.
Two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old will face Bendigo Magistrates Court today charged with intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, affray and assaulting an emergency worker.
The two male Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre workers are recovering in hospital.
Inmates at a youth justice centre in Victoria have reportedly bashed two workers with a cricket bat. (9News)
A Community and Public Sector Union spokesman said the guards were bashed with a cricket bat.
The night manager reportedly saw an officer on the ground, rushed to his aid and was dealt blows to the body and head himself before backup arrived, the union added.
Two staff members were taken to hospital with cuts and bruising, police confirmed.
Three youths are understood to have hit an officer at Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre today, before the night manager rushed in and took up to 19 blows to the body and head (9News)
The Department of Justice and Community Safety also confirmed tonight that multiple emergency personnel have been taken to hospital. (Supplied)
Emergency services were called to the Mollison Street site about 7.30pm.
A justice department spokeswoman said police were investigating the matter and three young people were remanded overnight at Bendigo Police Station.
"The Department of Justice and Community Safety treats the safety of all staff with the utmost seriousness," a statement reads.
The day before the attack, another male employee was assaulted by a youth at the centre reportedly with a makeshift weapon made of wood.
The incident comes after several youths reportedly escaped a unit at the centre in March when a swipe card was taken from an overpowered staff member.