Most dangerous jobs in Australia revealed

Most dangerous jobs in Australia revealed
Workplace deaths are on the rise in Australia, with new data revealing the country's most dangerous industries.
Statistics released by Fair Work Australia today show the number of fatal workplace injuries so far this year.
Forty-three people have died in the transport, postal and warehousing industry to late October 2019, eight more than in the same period last year.
Workplace deaths sorted by industry. (Nine)
More than one third of Australian workplace fatalities occurred in that industry.
In second place is agriculture, forestry and fishing, with 28 deaths, the same figure as last year.
In the construction industry, 19 people have died so far this year, a decline from 24 deaths last year.
Mining had eight deaths this year, one up from the same time last year.
Six workers in electricity, gas, water and waste services died, three times last year's figure.
Six people died in public administration and safety.
Five people died in manufacturing, down from nine last year.
Truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in Australia. (AAP)
The collection does not include people who died of natural causes, diseases or self-inflicted injuries.
The most recently released full report, from 2017, revealed ninety-three per cent of workplace fatalities were men.
The report showed that truck drivers were most likely to be killed on the job, followed closely by farmers.
Construction deaths are on the decline in Australia. (AAP)
Construction workers were in a distant third place.