International walking football comes to Joondalup

International walking football comes to Joondalup

TEAMS from Australia, Malaysia and Singapore took part in the first ever International Walking Football4Health Communities Games, held recently at ECU Joondalup.

Perth’s Happy Feet team won the mixed competition, and the Singapore Ladies team won against Malaysia and Perth.

Walking football follows the same rules as soccer except no running is allowed.

It is a non-contact sport promoting safety, developed in 2011 in the UK for people who are physically unable to play traditional team sports.

Competition organiser and ECU senior lecturer Dee Dee Mahmood said walking football was a fantastic way for older people to stay fit and families of all ages to stay active together.

“As we get older, many of us struggle with our balance, strength, stamina, weight and worst of all confidence and self-esteem levels,” she said.

“Walking football has the potential to make a significant impact in all these areas, building body strength, improving muscles, core stability and hopefully losing some of the weight usually gained during the ageing process.

“As well as being able to increase fitness levels, emotional health gets a great boost too for a person involved in walking football, not least self-confidence and self-esteem.”

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