Chaos on Sydney Harbour Bridge after crash

Chaos on Sydney Harbour Bridge after crash

A serious multi-vehicle crash on the Sydney Harbour Bridge is causing peak hour chaos and there are reports one person has died.

Three-of-five southbound lanes are also closed and drivers are being advised to avoid the bridge altogether, the Transport Management Centre said on Thursday.

It's believed a two-car collision around 7am on the southern end of the bridge has left one person dead and another seriously injured and trapped in a vehicle.

Emergency services and traffic crews are on site.

Drivers wanting to cross the harbour are being advised to use the Sydney Harbour Tunnel instead, although there is traffic heavy in both directions.

People driving to work should also consider working from home.

"Due to the serious nature of the crash, there is no forecast as to when all lanes will reopen," traffic authorities said.

Buses that usually travel over the Sydney Harbour Bridge are terminating early and passengers are being told to catch a train to their destination.