Bassendean Bowling Club mural brightens clubhouse

Bassendean Bowling Club mural brightens clubhouse

BASSENDEAN Bowling Club members are enjoying its new mural featuring a lion’s roar.

Artist Andrew Grero, of Bassendean, completed the mural at the 85-year-old club last month.

The mural has a lion, two club logos, the Southern Cross and clubhouse and is located on a brick wall facing the greens.

Grero said it was the best mural he had done in his career and the first for a sporting club.

“You improve every time and the last one was at a school, so it was a different style of painting whereas this one is going through realism,” he said.

“It is the first time that I’ve done one on bricks, which is a trickier surface.”

He thanked the club for the opportunity.

The mural. Picture: David Baylis

President Linton Pike said Grero was a social member who was interested in painting a mural.

“It is fantastic – it has drawn interest from the members,” he said.

“It has created a lot of discussion; everyone loves it. The message we want to convey is that the club is about community and people and we welcome people to come down and join.

“If Andrew hadn’t become a social member here, this wouldn’t even have happened.”

He said the club would consider adding more artwork in the future.

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