Vandals cause $400,000 damage bill to housing estate

Vandals cause $400,000 damage bill to housing estate
Vandals have racked up a $400,000 damage bill after trashing dozens of units in a new housing estate in small town in Victoria.
Twenty-five of the 27 units in Longwarry, 83kms south-east of Melbourne, were ransacked just weeks from completion.
"With the bench, with the toilet, with the vanity, it's probably about $10,000 just in this unit," building supervisor Joseph Tortorella told 9News.
"Unit by unit there was just more and more and it's quite deflating."
Young mum Stephanie had planned to move into her new home in time to celebrate Christmas.
After the destruction to her unit, she is now having to stay with her parents.
Stephanie is one of 25 homeowners who is now unable to move into their new units in time for Christmas. (9News)
"They have affected a lot of people's lives," the young homeowner told 9News.
"Like there's 27 houses there and I'm sure that there are more families just like mine that are going to be in the same situation."
Stephanie's neighbours, Paul and Dawn Burrows, described the situation as "disgusting" and will have a financial impact.
"It's not the same. We purchased a brand new, never been lived in house and unfortunately it's not a brand new never lived in house."
As police search for the culprit, Construct Homes has offered a $5000 reward for information.
The builders are still assessing the extent of the damage to the estate, with an estimated bill estimated to be around $400,000.
Repairs are expected to take three months to complete.