Train driver and worker dead after XPT derails north of Melbourne

Train driver and worker dead after XPT derails north of Melbourne
A train driver and another worker have been killed in a terrifying train derailment north of Melbourne.
Authorities say it's a miracle more people weren't killed when the Sydney to Melbourne XPT diesel locomotive and five carriages came off tracks near Wallan Station, 45km north of the city yesterday evening.
Police confirmed early Friday morning that the male driver and another person, who is yet to be formally identified, died at the scene.
Ambulance Victoria said a man in his 60s was taken by road to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a stable condition with an upper body injury.
While there were eight people taken to the Northern Hospital with minor injuries and a further three people were transported to Kilmore Hospital with minor injuries.
Two people are dead and multiple others injured after a train derailed at Wallan, north of Melbourne. (9News)
Contrary to information provided earlier, Ambulance Victoria confirmed their air ambulance was not required.
A large number of the 153 passengers on-board were assessed at the scene, with a number of people not requiring any treatment.
All passengers who were able to walk from the train were taken to the Wallan McDonald's and BP station area, which is being used as a triage centre.
A joint government effort to help those impacted by the accident was announced in a combined statement from Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, NSW Regional Transport and Roads Minister Paul Toole and Victorian State Minister for Public Transport Melissa Horne.
"The Federal, New South Wales and Victorian Governments are working closely to support all those involved in the incident," the statement said.
"A range of support measures will be available to passengers, crew and their families."
They also announced The Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator "will conduct a full and thorough investigation to establish the cause of the incident".
The train, which had left Central Station in Sydney at 7.40am, had been due to arrive at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne at 6.30pm.
It was running more than two hours late at the time of the crash.
One passenger, James Ashburner, tweeted that his carriage had ended up on a 30-degree tilt when the train finally came to rest.
"The responses by all these Victorian services were exemplary," he wrote.
The train went off the tracks north of Melbourne. (9News)
"Orderly lines of trained, disciplined people whose presence was immensely reassuring".
V Line, the government-owned corporation that manages regional passenger train and coach services in Victoria, has been notifying passengers for several days about regular delays due to an "ongoing track fault" at Wallan.
Emergency services were called to the site at about 7.45pm.
The track buckled and both carriages shifted at least 10m from their normal trajectory.
By 9pm, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria said the rescue had been completed, though police remained on the scene.
"ARTC services are suspended until further notice, to allow emergency services to respond to a train derailment involving the NSW Train Link XPT service bound for Melbourne around 1.5 kilometres from Wallan, Victoria," an Australian Rail Track Corporation spokesperson said.
"We are working hard to support emergency services, NSW TrainLink and investigators to respond to this tragic accident."
It is understood the ARTC is in charge of the rail maintenance, while the train was managed by Transport for NSW.
The Transport for NSW website shows the Sydney-Melbourne XPT service runs twice every 24 hours - once during the day, and once overnight.
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