The winners and losers of the 2019 Federal Election

The winners and losers of the 2019 Federal Election
It’s been hailed as one of the greatest come-from-behind victories in Australian political history.
All the polls pointed to a historic Labor victory. But as the results started to treacle in, one thing became obvious – this election has some significant winners and losers.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Coalition may have pulled off one of the greatest political comebacks in an election Australia has ever seen. (AAP)
“It is possible we are ending up with a hung parliament and we might not know the results tonight, not tomorrow and not for a couple of weeks,” Nine political editor Chris Uhlmann said.
“It's going to be really close, but always remember a big pre-poll dump will turn up sometime soon... Pre-polls will drop like bombs.”
Loser: Tony Abbott
In what has been described as a "slaughter", former prime minister Tony Abbott has been defeated in his Sydney seat of Warringah to independent candidate Zali Steggall, ending his 25-year political career.
Former prime minister Tony Abbott has conceded a major loss in his Sydney seat of Warringah, suffering a 14 per cent polling swing against him. (AAP)
With 15 percent of the vote counted, Mr Abbott’s primary vote had plummeted around 14 per cent to 37 per cent.
Ms Steggall, a former Olympic skier and local barrister, had won a staggering 45 per cent of the primary vote and led 59-41 on a two-party preferred basis.
“I can’t say it doesn’t hurt to lose. And I decided back then in October last year, that if I had to lose, so be it,” Mr Abbott told a roomful of supporters.
“I’d rather be a loser than a quitter.
Mr Abbott, in his concession speech, said he would rather be a loser than a quitter and admitted 'what matters is what is best for the country'. (AAP)
“So of course it's disappointing for us here in Warringah but what matters is that what's best for the country and what's best for the country.
“And what's best for the country is not so much you who wins or loses Warringah but who forms or does not form a government in Canberra."
Winner: Zali Steggall
Clearly overwhelmed by her victory, Ms Steggall was swamped by supporters at the Novotel Hotel in Manly looking to congratulate her.
Mr Abbott's political opponent, Zali Steggall, however recorded a historic election victory in Warringah and attributed her win to vote 'for the future'. (AAP)
“Tonight, Warringah has definitely voted for the future,” she said.
“You’ve all shown that when communities want change, they make it happen.
“This is a win for moderates with a heart.”
Loser: One Nation
After a campaign marred by controversy, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party has so far been unable to secure a seat in the House of Representatives.
Pauline Hanson's One nation Party has also suffered what appears to be a major loss in the House of Representatives in this year's election. (AAP)
This week, Ms Hanson told Today host Deborah Knight that her party's parliamentary representation and support among voters had increased since the last election.
Despite what appears to be a poor House of Representatives candidate polling performance this year, Malcolm Roberts in Queensland is looking likely to secure a Senate seat.
Loser: Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer’s $50 million bid to be elected to Parliament appears to have failed, attracting just 3.4 per cent of the vote on the Queensland Senate ballot at the current count.
That should mean Palmer and his United Australia Party will not pick up any seats in the parliament.
Winner: Tanya Plibersek
Deputy leader of the Opposition and Member for Sydney, Tanya Plibersek has had an extremely successful election day.
In the Labor Party, Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek has secured a huge election victory in her Sydney electorate with poll predictions putting her as winning almost 70 per cent of the projected two-candidate preferred vote. (AAP)
As it stands, Ms Plibersek has secured more than 50 per cent of the primary vote and almost 70 per cent of the projected two-candidate preferred vote.
The result is an overwhelming victory for Ms Plibersek against her nearest opponent, the Liberal Party's Jacqui Munro, in what could now be the country's safest seat.
Loser: The Labor Party
As an election victory grew increasingly unlikely for Bill Shorten's Labor Party, a pall of disappointment fell over the ALP's election function headquarters.
The Labor Party looked set to win government earlier tonight, after an exclusive Nine YouGov Galaxy Exit Poll showing the ALP ahead 52-48 on a two-party preferred basis.
It is appearing increasingly unlikely the Labor Party will achieve an election victory due to a late surge by the Coalition (9news)
Those estimates, if counted votes had run to the same course, would have delivered Bill Shorten as many as 80 seats in the House of Representatives and a large majority in the parliament.
Despite that, as many as 10 electorates around the country where the ALP are ahead of the Coalition are still in doubt.
In maintaining hope, Labor Party President and former Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan said too many seats were too close to call, and the influence of smaller parties and independents too unpredictable.
Party frontbencher Anthony Albanese also told Nine's Federal Election coverage that the effect of pre-polling votes may still be seen.
“One of the things I found, anecdotally as someone who who stood on a pre-poll, it was young people,” he said.
“Because of these things, they knew where to vote, how to vote. It was the tech savvy people in my electorate.”
Despite those well-wishes, the Opposition leader called Prime Minister Scott Morrison tonight after 11pm to concede the Federal election.
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