Surfer bitten 'to the bone' by shark at NSW's Windang Beach

Surfer bitten 'to the bone' by shark at NSW's Windang Beach

A surfer has suffered a deep shark bite to his left foot south of Port Kembla in the NSW Illawarra.

The incident occurred on Friday about 8am at Windang Beach, with three ambulance crews and a helicopter attending the scene.

The bite went through to the bone of Will Schroeter’s foot and caused ligament damage, but bleeding was controlled.

The man was transported to Wollongong Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

NSW Ambulance duty operations manager Terry Morrow said such emergency call-outs had the potential to escalate quickly and encouraged all swimmers to take care.

“Paramedics often cannot be sure how extensive the injuries are going to be or how critical the patient is,” Insp Morrow said in a statement.

“When attending these jobs, it is paramount that the bleeding is under control as quickly as possible as it affects the patient’s recovery if they lose large pools of blood.”

NSW Police said in a statement on Friday that no shark has been sighted in the area and Windang Beach has remained open.

Earlier this week a teenager operating a drone captured a shark, believed to be a 2.5m great white, coming within touching distance of swimmers at Main Beach in NSW.

Some incredible vision now of what experts believe is a Great White Shark lurking within metres of swimmers on a NSW beach.

The vision shows the shark cruising between the two beach-goers and the shoreline, with experts saying encounters like this one are common.

"For every one shark that you see, there might be 10 or 100 sharks that see you," SeaLife’s Rob Townsend told 7NEWS.

"You just don't realise because they're not mindless killers.

“If you think about how many people are in the water on a daily basis - especially in summer in Australia - you've got to imagine that this kind of thing is happening all the time and we just don't realise.”

Earlier this month an experienced scuba diver was killed by a white shark off Western Australia’s southern coast.

Gary Johnson, 57, was in the water with his wife Karen Milligan when he was mauled near Cull Island, close to West Beach in Esperance.

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