Students investigate local coastline

Students investigate local coastline

SACRED Heart College students had an insight into Sorrento’s coastline recently.

The school took part in Curtin University’s Sequence Our Seas program which aims to inspire students to embrace a new method for monitoring and future proofing marine ecosystems: environmental DNA (eDNA) biomonitoring.

By collecting a small water sample, students were able to see which of the 5000 marine species in Australian oceans lived in their local area.

Sacred Heart College students taking part in the Sequence Our Seas program.

Visiting scientists from the Trace and Environmental DNA (TrEnD) Laboratory team then extracted DNA from the sample to produce a “sea-quence report”.

This eDNA is used to look at an entire eco-system and can be used to track changes to biodiversity over time, offering insights into the effects of climate change.

TrEnD Laboratory’s Dr Rose Lines works with a Sacred Heart College student.

As a barometer for ocean health, eDNA is offering a revolutionary glimpse into the future of our oceans that we are currently unable to see with other monitoring methods.

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