'Sinister and addictive': Bestseller Nicola Moriarty rates sister Liane's Big Little Lies as a TV series

'Sinister and addictive': Bestseller Nicola Moriarty rates sister Liane's Big Little Lies as a TV series

Her sister brought us Big Little Lies — now best-selling Aussie author Nicola Moriarty has given her honest view of how it turned out as a blockbuster, star-studded TV series.

Her latest novel The Ex is a gripping dive into the wounds and ties of old relationships.

Given her own talent it’s no surprise that in addition to a love of the printed page she also has a soft spot for good television.

Bingeing and books … what could be better, asks popular author Nicola Moriarty.
It’s EX-cellent … Nicola’s latest novel The Ex, published by HarperCollins Australia, is out now.

“I know as a writer, reading ought to be my No. 1 past-time and look, it’s absolutely up there … but there’s something about settling down on the couch with the intention of a marathon-long television binge that makes it one of my greatest pleasures.

The thing I love about binging TV is that you can quickly see those season-long story arcs emerge and it becomes like watching an ultra-long movie.

On top of that, it puts the character development on high-speed. I especially love shows that focuses in on the nuances of human relationships.

As such, here’s just a few of my favourites.


Say yes to Knope … Leslie Knope as played by Amy Poehler.

First up is the satirical genius of a series: Parks and Recreation. Let me start by saying that Leslie Knope is a goddamn fictional treasure. Never before have I come to love such a wholesome, hilarious and endlessly optimistic character as Knope. Parks and Rec is smart, witty and full of charm. And watching the gorgeous friendships between the characters bloom throughout each season is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.


What a sisterhood … and those BLL girls are pretty tight-knit, too.

From comedic delight to dark and mysterious – my next pick is none other than the award-winning drama, Big Little Lies. And yes, you might have noticed that my surname is a tad familiar when it comes to Big Little Lies, but I swear I am being completely objective! Big Little Lies is compelling, sinister and addictive. It’s filled with strong female characters and zeros in on themes of sisterhood. And as a limited series, it’s absolutely perfect for bingeing.


Toast lamb … this show nabbed an impressive 18 nominations from The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. Cheers!

Next up is a recommendation that I haven’t actually seen yet myself … but I desperately want to. Based on the book of the same name, Lambs of God was shot here in Australia and the cinematography in the trailer looks spectacular. It’s a gothic tale of three nuns living on a remote island, forgotten by time, and I can’t wait to dive in and learn all about the relationships between the three women.”

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* Nicola Moriarty’s latest book The Ex, published by HarperCollins Australia, is out now.