SA owner spared jail over shocking neglect of animals

SA owner spared jail over shocking neglect of animals
A South Australian man has dodged jail over the shocking neglect of a horse and donkey.
RSPCA investigators found the animals in poor condition at a Nairne property, in the Adelaide Hills, after a report from a concerned member of the public.
Thelma the 10-year-old donkey was found with serious wounds to its throat and head caused by a halter that had become embedded in its flesh, which had to be surgically removed.
The horse and donkey were found in a terrible state of neglect. (RSPCA)
Its coat was also heavily infested with parasites and its teeth and hooves showed evidence of chronic long-term neglect.
The man's 18-year-old horse Cory was also found emaciated with serious dental issues and a chronic sinus infection that required significant veterinary and dentistry care.
Their owner was convicted on animal cruelty charges, but walked from court with a good behaviour bond and fine.
A court heard the man had issues accessing the animals, which had been housed on the property of a third party.
The horse was severely emaciated and had serious dental issues. (RSPCA)
He has also been banned from owning animals for five years, but will still be allowed to care for a dog and cat.
The RSPCA is now urging animal owners to be wary of risks of leaving equipment on their animals.
"Too often, our inspectors and rescue officers find animals suffering injuries caused by equipment that's been left on them too long," RSPCA South Australia Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis said.
"Daily checks on animals should include ensuring any equipment on them is not causing them harm."
Both Cory and Thelma have since made full recoveries and have now been re-homed.