Rescued koalas on the road to recovery

Rescued koalas on the road to recovery

Traumatised and injured koalas rescued from the Mallacoota fires are taking their first tentative steps in their new home on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Nature Parks has become the home for four injured koalas who have been receiving care at Healesville sanctuary.

Koalas rescued from the Mallacoota fires have been recovering at Phillip Island Nature Park.
Daniel Kallstrom with a charismatic koala.

Roland Pick from Phillip Island Nature Parks explains the reserve is aiming to bridge the gap between the intensive medical care, and the wild.

“It’s their chance to recuperate in a more peaceful environment,” he said.

“They are completely wild koalas and they’re being handled, so beyond their physical injuries they are traumatised.”

It’s hope they will be able to be realesed into the wild soon.

While it could be weeks or months before they are released into the wild, Roland says the staff at Phillip Island are there to monitor the health and offer extra support.

“We’re giving them a chance to be koalas again.”

In addition, for the month February the park is donating a dollar from every visit to Wildlife Victoria.