Perth family terrorised: 'Why is this happening to us?'

Perth family terrorised: 'Why is this happening to us?'

A young family in the Perth suburb of Parmelia say they have become a victim of constant abuse since moving there in October 2018.

The attacks consist of rock throwing, attempted break-ins, and a home invasion, prompting the family to install CCTV and protective shutters.

The ninth attack in just six-months occurred on Tuesday, when a teenage girl threw a large rock through the family’s bedroom window in broad daylight, narrowly missing a seven-year-old boy inside.

A Perth family are being terrorised by a gang of youths targeting their home. (9news)

The mother who wishes to be identified as ‘Win’ says her son is so traumatised by the onslaught, he can no longer sleep alone.

“We moved to this country to have a better future, we moved into this house to feel safe, but why is this happening to us?”

The family says it has on occasion confronted the offenders, only to be threatened by knives.

The family moved in six months ago and are afraid to leave their house. (9news)

“We have bats on our bedside…we are arming ourselves, that’s a symbol we aren’t safe at all.”

Win and her husband Luiz believe the teens don’t fear the police, and say they have become ‘prisoners in their own home’.

The couple is now pleading with local authorities to begin patrols of the area, and for the establishment of a local neighbourhood watch group, or they’ll have to sell up and move for their own protection.

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