Murdered Vic mum was stabbed 55 times

Murdered Vic mum was stabbed 55 times

In a final text message, Ballarat mum Dannyll Goodsell told a friend "I'm scared of Scott".

Friends asked her why she was in a relationship with Scott Charles Cameron and she told them she was too afraid to leave.

She was right to be. On the morning of October 5, 2018 he killed her. She was stabbed 55 times.

Ms Goodsell's family wept during a pre-sentence hearing in Victoria's Supreme Court on Monday where Cameron is continuing to claim that she struck him first with a hatchet.

Cameron has pleaded guilty to murder. But he told officers in his interview a day after the killing they were wrong to look at murder and should consider it self-defence instead.

But Justice Andrew Tinney said it was "implausible" Ms Goodsell would have lashed out at Cameron when she was so afraid of him.

His lawyer Anthony Lewis said he was "clearly distraught and grief stricken" at times in the interview.

"He's undoubtedly coming to grips with what he's actually done," he said.

Ms Goodsell's two children have been left orphaned by her death.

Her daughter who was 13 at the time said her gut twists into a knot when she remembers she'll never share her future with her mother.

Donna Goodsell said she was afraid her little family would never heal from the tragedy of her daughter's death.

The hearing continues.