Man rescued by helicopter in Pyrenees after breaking lockdown rules

Man rescued by helicopter in Pyrenees after breaking lockdown rules
A man had to be airlifted by helicopter from the Pyrenees after trying to walk from France to Spain to buy cigarettes amid strict coronavirus lockdown measures.
The local mountain rescue service said the man was found "exhausted, shivering, cold and lost" when he was eventually rescued.
Spanish police officer blocks the road for vehicles to the border between Spain and France near the Pyrenees Spanish village of Dantxarinea. (AP/AAP)
The man was fined the equivalent of $146 for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules, which are being strictly enforced in France as the pandemic ravages Europe.
"We remind you once more. STAY AT HOME," the regional police tweeted.
The mountain rescue service said the man, from Perpignan located just about 25km from the Spanish border - had begun his journey by car but was turned back at a checkpoint prompting him to attempt the journey on foot.
The Emergency Army Unit work in the train station in Granada, Spain Tuesday March 17, 2020. (AP/AAP)
The path involved a hike over the mountains where the man fell into a stream and brambles and got lost before contacting rescuers, the service said.
Under lockdown rules in France, people can only leave home for exceptional reasons and must have a written letter explaining their reason for being outside.