Inside the violent, criminal world of a teen gang member

Inside the violent, criminal world of a teen gang member
"It's f------ sexy, isn't it?" Zach* purrs, staring lovingly at his large serrated machete.
The blade is this 15-year-old's weapon of choice.
"If I'm going to a fight and I think I might lose, I'm bringing this knife," he tells A Current Affair in an astonishingly candid interview tonight.
(A Current Affair)
Zach says almost no one is safe from being attacked, robbed, or worse.
"(If they) want to walk around like a little rich c---, I'll f------ take their s---," he said.
"He was just looking at me like I was a lower place in life than him, and I'm going to show him that's just wrong. I'm going to make him kiss my shoe."
Zach says he's a proud member of the youth street gang Young Reckless Drillers, an organised group based out of Cranbourne in Melbourne's south-east.
"Zach" says he's a proud member of the youth street gang Young Reckless Drillers. (A Current Affair)
"Someone talks s--- about the YRD and you go and bash them," he said.
"If I need something and I don't have the money for it, I know the boys will help me get it."
The teenager opens up about what led him to join the street gang.
"Stealing a Kit-Kat would lead to stealing a bike and then stealing a bike leads to rolling someone for their phone," he said.
On A Current Affair tonight, we lift the lid on a new wave of street gangs forming across suburban Melbourne from Tarneit to St Albans, Hoppers Crossing to Frankston.
"Zach" speaks to A Current Affair in a candid interview. (A Current Affair)
In a disturbing development, these gangs use social media to live stream their crimes, including home invasions, bashings, and high-speed police chases. A Current Affair has obtained exclusive footage of their violent antics.
"There's a lot popping up now, I've never seen it this bad," Zach says. "Every time I go on Instagram, I swear to god there's another f------ gang."
For the first time, dramatic and violent footage of these new street-gangs' antics will be aired.
Teen gangs are now filming their activities, and even live streaming them. (A Current Affair)
"I feel like I get away with a lot more because I'm underage," Zach tells us.
"If I want something, I can find a way to get it for free."
Mothers of gang members tell A Current Affair about losing their children to the streets, and say they are being dragged into the violence.
*Name altered for legal reasons.
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