'I saw a cloud of dust and a kangaroo mauling my kid to death'

'I saw a cloud of dust and a kangaroo mauling my kid to death'
A father has been forced to come between his son and a nearly 2m tall kangaroo after the animal attacked the boy in his backyard in northern NSW.
Five-year-old Lewis Dyer was playing with his older brother in their Valla Beach yard when the kangaroo - an Eastern grey male - attacked.
Lewis Dyer was outside playing with his big brother when the attack occured. (Supplied)
"I heard the attack and then I saw it – a cloud of dust and a kangaroo mauling my kid to death," Lewis' father Brenton Dyer told
"I ran as fast as I could and tackled the thing, and it stood up and tried to have a go. I defended myself, and tried to get distance between me, my son, and the roo."
The local plumber said kangaroos targeted the boys and actually chased after them.
"They just went out of their way to get them."
"We back onto a vacant lot, and Lewis would've only been 10 metres from the house. There were a couple of kangaroos and they just gunned for the boys. They were running away, and Lewis was slower.
"If I wasn't home, he'd be in intensive care or dead. The way the male was attacking him is crazy," Mr Dyer said.
According to Lewis' father the kangaroos "gunned for them". (Supplied)
While he has been left shaken, Lewis was lucky to sustain only superficial injuries.
"He was scratched up, and he had a few punctures in his head that got glued up. He was lucky not to lose both of his eyes. It was pretty crazy. He's a tough kid," Mr Dyer said.
As the drought continues, kangaroos are increasingly being pushed into residential areas.
Kangaroos are being pushed into residential areas in the search for food and water. (AP/AAP)
Mr Dyer said he's noticed an increase in numbers around Valla Beach.
"The number of roos have increased because it is dry. Not that I'm calling for a cull, but it feels like there's no shortage of them."
"For them to see a five-year-old kid as a threat, it's scary."
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