How injured fugitive escaped police guard at Perth hospital

How injured fugitive escaped police guard at Perth hospital
A dangerous fugitive remains at large tonight after escaping a Perth hospital in a daring escapade involving further assaults and subterfuge.
Laurie John Dodd, 44, was initially arrested on Thursday after leading police on a wild, 12-hour rampage through Perth's eastern suburbs in a stolen car.
He did not go quietly, however, assaulting a police officer and punching a police dog in the head.
Dodd was taken to Royal Perth Hospital to be treated for dog bites to his face and arm, sustained during his arrest.
A man has escaped police custody at Royal Perth Hospital, now on the run. (9News)
The 44-year-old was under the guard of two security guards outsourced from private security company Broadspectrum when he escaped.
Insiders say that Dodd waited for one of the two guards leaves the room to heat up his lunch, then asks the other for help adjusting his bed.
As the officer bent down, Dodd put him in a chokehold and snatched the keys to his leg restraints, then frees himself.
When the second officer returns to help, Dodd reportedly punched him in the face and made a run for it, eluding the two officers who gave chase.
West Australian Opposition Leader Liza Harvey has warned the community to beware of the offender.
Police are warning the public not to approach Dodd if seen, but contact 131 444 immediately. (9News)
"You've got a man here who is not frighten to punch a German Shepherd in the face," she said.
Dodd has a history of escaping custody.
In 1999 he got out of Broome Regional Prison and in 2004 he was part of a mass break-out of dangerous offenders from the WA Supreme Court.
At the time of his arrest on Thursday, Dodd was out on bail charged over 16 offences including a serious assault, car stealing and reckless driving.
He is described as 187cm tall, with a medium build, fair skin, black hair and a mullet haircut.
Dodd may have bandaged facial and arm injuries, and was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and either green or black boxer shorts.
He was spotted in Perth's CBD and anyone who sees him should not approach but contact police on 131 444.
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