Family loses everything in fire just months after dad suffers cardiac arrest

Family loses everything in fire just months after dad suffers cardiac arrest
Just months after Ben Schloss suffered a cardiac arrest, his family has been delivered another devastating blow - losing everything they own to a fierce bushfire.
Fire tore through the family's rental home in Laidley late yesterday afternoon – the only home in the area to be destroyed by the blaze.
"It's all gone," the father-of-four told 9News.
"The last thing we were wearing was basically work clothes, that's all we own."
Ben Schloss and Sarah Granzien have lost everything they owned. (9News)
He and his partner were at work when they got a frantic call from a mate and raced home, but there was nothing they could do.
"You don't wake up in the morning not expecting to come home to a home, that's for sure," his partner, Sarah Granzien, said.
Despite authorities diverting seven water bombers and sending in multiple crews, the home couldn't be saved.
"All the resources in the world would not have contained any of those fires yesterday," Alan Gillespie from QFES said.
"The only thing that's going to end up putting this fire out is the rain."
The home was completely destroyed. (9News)
This ute was also destroyed in the blaze. (9News)
Devastatingly, the couple's contents insurance had just lapsed; pushed to the back of their mind in the challenging months following Mr Schloss' medical emergency.
"We've paid for insurance all our life," Ms Granzien said.
"It just got put on the back burner and then this happened you know."
Investigators are now trying to work out if the fire was the result of arson or mother nature.
A crowd-funding page has been set up for the family.