Emergency warning for Tamboon after fire flare up

Emergency warning for Tamboon after fire flare up

Residents in Tamboon have once again been told it’s too late to leave after a bushfire that had been burning for days flared up overnight.

An emergency warning has been issued for Tamboon and Tamboon South in East Gippsland as a bushfire burning for days flared up on Tuesday.

The warning, on the Vic Emergency website, says the fire is in the Croajingolong National Park and travelling west towards Tamboon and Tamboon South.

A CFA spokesperson said 709 personnel were currently fighting the flames.

The blaze, near the Bemm River area, is one of many fires still burning across the state.

It comes as about 1500 personnel are strengthening containment lines while weather conditions provide a much-needed reprieve from extreme fire danger.

But Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said the 17 fires still burning could “take a run” and “impact communities, life and property”.

“We currently have 1500 firefighters who are out on the ground now who are working to do what they can to put in place measures to minimise the next impact of the fires,” Ms Neville said.

“Unless we have substantial rain there will be further impact from these fires in East Gippsland and also in the northeast.

“The work that is being done this week, while we can, will play a really big role in trying to minimise the impact on communities, life and property going forward.”

Ms Neville added: “I wish I could say this was over but we still have a long way to go.”

The state government yesterday confirmed that 1.4 million hectares had been burnt, with 353 homes destroyed or damaged and more than 500 outbuildings also hit.

17 fires are still burning in Victoria.

A string of road blocks also remained in place, with the Princes Hwy closed east of Orbost and the Monaro Hwy closed from Cann River to the NSW border.

But Ms Neville said clearing the Princes Hwy, the key route in and out of isolated holiday town Mallacoota, was a “number one priority”.

“It is a critical part of the work being done by the ADF and Forest Fire Management and some of our Vic Forest contractors as well,” Ms Neville said.

Defence personnel have been assisting fire-affected areas like Orbost with tree felling.

Major General Jake Ellwood said local services in the East Gippsland area were becoming exhausted and defence personnel were there to help however they could.

“We have a situation where under normal circumstances, of which this is not, if there was a fire front other firefighters from other areas would come in and support,” Major General Ellwood said.

“But of course, with the scale of the fires and the scale of the effort required they are not getting the same reinforcement.”

A total of 5600 Defence personnel including 2800 reservists were on the ground across the country.