Elderly woman chases early morning intruder out of her home

Elderly woman chases early morning intruder out of her home
An elderly woman has woken with a fright, coming face to face with a man who broke into her south Adelaide home.
Valerie Juncken was asleep when she was awoken by the intruder in her O'Halloran Hill home about 7am this morning.
"I just felt somebody shaking me on the arm and I just woke up with shock to see a young man standing right here, right next to my bed," Ms Juncken told 9News.
Valerie Juncken was startled by an intruder in her home early this morning, before she jumped out of bed and chased him away. (9News)
Ms Juncken realised the man had gained access through her roof, before she scared him off. (9News)
Ms Juncken jumped out of bed and confronted the man before chasing him out the room and out her front door.
"He never spoke, he never said anything. He wasn't violent - But I certainly would have challenged him and fought back," she said.
After the man ran down the street, Ms Juncken realised he had gained access to her home by removing roof tiles and climbing in through a laundry passage.
Despite police dogs attending the scene, the man who Ms Juncken describes as aged in his 20s and "well presented", got away.
SES crews attended and helped replace Ms Juncken's damaged tiles.
She warned if anyone tried to break in again, she would have none of it.
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