Disgraced former Labor minister has parole revoked

Disgraced former Labor minister has parole revoked
Former NSW Labor minister and convicted child sex offender Milton Orkopoulos has had his parole revoked.
Orkopoulous, 62, was refused bail in court last week after he was charged with three counts of failing to comply with reporting conditions of the Child Protection Register.
He was released from Long Bay prison late last year after serving more than 11 years behind bars for child sex offences.
Since his release he has been arrested twice for beaches of his parole conditions, including failing to notify police he had created an Instagram account.
The State Parole Authority today revoked his parole order.
"The decision was made at a closed meeting this afternoon during which the SPA panel considered a breach report outlining outstanding charges against the offender," a statement read.
"The Authority revoked the order on the basis the offender had breached two conditions of his parole, namely that he 'must not commit any offences' and 'must comply will all conditions and requirements of the Child Protection Register.'"
The former NSW Aboriginal affairs minister in the Morris Iemma government was jailed in 2008 after he was convicted of 30 offences including sexual intercourse with a male between 10 and 18 years, possessing child pornography and supplying cannabis and heroin.
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